Special thanks and warm regards to all who are a part of my life. I love you! Steve :)
(((((((( HUG ))))))))
Steve's Year in Pictures for 2000, a Pictorial
Making my lifelong dream happen of kayaking the entire Passaic River in New Jersey was one of my major accomplishments for the year.
This web site has revolutionized my life and how I keep in touch with people! Scotty and I completed it in March.
Vern really helped me out when he hired me on his maintenance team this summer. (No comment about the Keyes sign!) Also, special thanks to Steve and Julie Taylor, who helped me obtain my other part-time job. Being a student really sucks when it comes to finding work that's flexible for school schedules.
Taking care of Emma's 1968 VW Bug for 2 1/2 months was so much fun! Another dream comes true!
Becoming an internet retailer has been a lot of fun. I manufactured t-shirts and hats with my logo and sell other fun stuff. Check out my store!
I'm still very active in serving, promoting and encouraging others to take the classes at Rising Star Communications.
My family's visit in August was very enjoyable. Dave, when are you getting out here?
2000 introduced me to internet chatting. There's one room called "Cat Chat" on Yahoo that I regularly chat in in the evenings. My nickname while chatting is "KissCactus."
Hooray for Rain and Mike's wedding!
Tanya and Chris have been another blessing in my life.
Besides the SteveGarufi.com t-shirts, my moccasins are the best improvement to my wardrobe. :)

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