Wow! 2003 has been a great year for me. I felt swept with gratitude as I created this page! Thanks to all my friends ... I LOVE YOU! -Steve :)
ColoradoGuy's 2003 Year in Pictures!
I did it! This summer I successfully biked across Colorado! Now let's see if I bike across America sometime in the future! ;)
Both the ColoradoGuy Festival and ColoradoGuy Lazy Hazy Barbeque were successful and fun!

LEFT: AlysonTX from Texas flew out and slept on my couch for the festival.
Christian Alissa Special thanks must be given to Christian, Martha and Alissa for participating in the 2003 Hair Consultant election. What an amazing election it was! Alissa won the election but got fired in September. Then Martha replaced her and has been doing her job ever since. (See Hair Consultant History Page for more details.)
I obtained a year's worth of quality experience at my job. I think the copy machine picture is the best representive picture! :)

Other work-related articles:
  • Midol Pills Given to Steve
  • Office Politics Over Naming Copier
  • Stolen Sugar Cookies to Work
  • Diarrhea Recovery Group
  • I am so grateful to have attended a spiritual retreat near Buena Vista in September, where I was really touched and inspired by a hero-of-the-faith, Hazel Goddard.
    My Yankees lost in the World Series, but hey, at least we beat Boston! Thank you Grady Little! :)

    I took some pictures of Game 2, one of Alfonso "Swing At Pitches Three Feet Off The Plate" Soriano and Hideki Matsui right before he hit a three run home run in the 1st innning.
    My new camera (Canon A70) has video clip capabilities and in the latter quarter of the year I've put nearly daily video clips on the front page. The best clip of the year, by far, was the "7 Hours With Steve in a Car".
    With so much praise and gratitude, I am happy to announce that I am out of credit card debt! God gets all the credit for this one! :)
    Special thanks to all who have donated financially to this web site. I'm certainly not getting rich, but your gifts have greatly helped me in maintaining this web site! (Cheesy banner ad to the left!)

    Of course, living in Colorado, I did get to enjoy some nice roadtrips and scenic areas.

    A few memorable pictorials:
  • Cottonwood Pass
  • Pikes Peak Highway with Dory
  • Less Traveled Teller County
  • Manitou Arcade

    (See Adventure page for full list of pictorials!)
  • Just because I'm a therapist, that doesn't mean I don't have problems to work through myself. I thought this photo from the Great Sand Dunes was a nice choice to represent my spiritual growth and some of the personal victories I've gained in 2003. Again, God gets all the credit! :)
    Lastly, my 10-day Christmas visit to my family in New Jersey was a very memorable time of catching up with friends and family and regenerating my heart. Click the photo to see a fun lasagna pictorial! :)

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