Baby Alethea

Baby Alethea August 2001 - In this first section, Alethea was only six weeks old. Congratulations to Chris and Tanya. And to Alethea, welcome to the world! :)

Tanya, the proud mother, was getting so big at the end of her pregnancy. I was feeling bad for her! :o)
Baby Alethea On a blanket in the living room.
Alethea Baby Name Alethea hadn't warmed up to me when I snapped this shot. :p)
Chris and Alethea Chris, the proud father, holds her up as if she were a big pinto bean!
Close-up photo.
Baby Alethea Lots of blubber on this baby girl. :)
Steve Garufi and Alethea No, I'm not the greatest with babies. So it was amazing that she didn't cry while I held and fed her!

Alethea Morton

Photos in January 2002

Alethea had grown so much in six months. There she is, staring me down with those big blue eyes.
Steve Garufi and Baby Alethea Alethea did a great job sticking her hand in my eye. :)
Alethea Alethea grabbing my cheeks.
Alethea Pulls Steve Garufi's Hair She even pulled my hair. I love this baby girl. :)
For some reason, she kept grabbing my nose.

Luckily, she didn't stick her finger INSIDE my nose!

Alethea Eats My Hair And then as she was pulling my hair, she tried eating my hair. Ha ha.
Photo of Alethea Alethea, the first born in the Morton family, definitely scores high on the Cute-O-Meter.
I also had Alethea stand on my stomach. She has gotten stronger and her feet tickled my tummy! :)

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