Cute Picutres of Baby Alethea
Hi folks! My good friend Scotty loaned me his digital camera while mine is being fixed. Although all the pictures are unpublished until now, this is the last "recycled adventure" until my trip to the Western Slope in Colorado.
More Pictures of Baby Alethea, March 2002
Cute Baby Alethea What a beautiful shot of Alethea! :)
Alethea She now can wiggle herself around on the floor.
Alethea No teeth yet. There she happily sucks on a celery stick.
Tongue What a cute baby! :)
Alethea An "old picture" from January (or maybe February).
Alethea, Sherri and Me Ha ha ha! What a great shot!
Alethea Stands on ColoradoGuy's Stomach Check Alethea's other pictorials:
  • Alethea, Late Summer 2001
  • Alethea Hurts Steve :)
  • Cute picture of Alethea Alethea really enjoys grabbing and pulling my hair, but I think she was trying to punch me in the head in this one. :P

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