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(Just Say "NO" To The Metric System! We Hate The Metric System!)
August 23, 2005

The metric system is awful! The metric system is terrible! Stop jamming that stupid measurement system down our throats! We hate the metric system!

Today is the first annual Anti-Metric System Holiday sponsored by this web site. Today hundreds and thousands of free-thinking people are celebrating this special day by making a strong stand against the metric system. What a ridiculous measuring system it is with its silly cenitmeters, kilograms and whatever else.

One more time ... The metric system is crap!

Two good examples of how dumb the metric system is:

  • Have you ever watched a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game? Have you noticed the measurements on the home run wall are done in metric? Tell me, what the heck is "95 m" or "143 m" in distance? How stupid!

  • Have you ever noticed a metric system person telling how tall they are in centimeters? Seriously, what in the world is the difference between 148, 153 or 159 centimeters? What a joke! For the record, I weight 185 pounds and I'm 6 foot 1 inches. Don't give me any of your metric system crap!

  • Can you imagine a hick farmer in southern Missouri talking about things in the metric system? "Y'all shoulda seen when my pick-up truck got ta goin' 47 kilameters per owwa and I shot dem two roadside wil' turkeys dead from 'bout 12 meters away!"

    Now let me be clear: For those of you who are scientists, I will grant you the metric system is much easier to work with than our imperial system, but that doesn't mean we should have this ridiculous measuring system in our daily lives. The metric system is geeky. Losers like the metric system. You scientists might benefit from it with your research, but keep your pathetic system to yourselves. Why don't you just move to Sweden if you love the metric system so much?! :(

    Secondly, to all my wonderful European friends who regularly visit this web site: I hope you are not too offended by this anti-metric holiday. As your American friend, I want to tell you that your socialist goverments have corrupted and coersed you into believing in the metric system. Just say "no" to the metric system! Nick Hughes (a regular on the British Forum) has recently shared some of the "horror stories" of Prime Minister Blair inflicting the metric system on your British society. To all of you British folks who are fighting against the metric system, we all stand with you!

    Below are some photos of anti-metric signs posted today throughout my community. I encourage you to do the same in your community ... Make a strong stand against the metric system!

    Now I had also had planned to violently destroy a few metric sticks for the digital camera, but I have good news: I couldn't find a store in Colorado that sold them! Hooray! We are winning the war against the metric system. See, this is a great holiday, isn't it? :)

    Have a great day and stay metric free! Love, Steve :)

    People Make Anti-Metric Stands In My Community!
    A "Just say NO to the metric system" sign in Soda Springs Park in Manitou Springs.
    This is my favorite sign...
    Stop jamming the metric system down our throats! :(
    I drove throughout town yesterday and today with this anti-metric system slogan on the back of my car! :p)
    To all those who are against the metric system, I and everyone on this web site support you!
    I did find an old plastic centimeter measuring stick (with inches too, of course) in my apartment.
    I must confess that in my anti-metric zeal, I taped an anti-metric sign right on the Cliff House menu. That's how much I hate the metric system! :-(

    You are very welcome to share your thoughts, comments, reflections or ridicule of this awful metric system on my:


    or, if you have specific comments related to science, visit my:

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