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COLORADO APRIL SNOWSTORM! Photos Halfway Up To Independence Pass (April 15, 2006)
Twin Lakes, Colorado The road heading to Independence Pass is closed halfway up from Twin Lakes, but there was still miles and miles of beautiful Colorado scenery to photograph. Not to mention, a snowstorm was coming down up there. I begin my pictorial with a shot of snow coming down in Twin Lakes.
Mt. Elbert Lodge I stopped by to say "hello" to the owner of the Mt. Elbert Lodge. It definitely looks like a very nice place to stay. And when Independence Pass is closed, boy, it looks like a really quiet and peaceful place to stay! :)
I got a couple of shots of Lake Creek, the main tributary creek that runs though this canyon beginning near the Continental Divide.

The bottom photo just had sort of a Bob Ross type of feel to it in Colorado fashion. ;)
Colorado The snow was coming down fairly hard and the darkness definitely played a factor with these photos.
La Plata Trailhead The La Plata Peak Trailhead is inside this canyon. Kelly, Nick, Bernie and myself stopped at this very spot during out drive to Aspen in 2004.
Colorado Colorado
Ooooooooooh! Look!
An avalanche area!
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  • Independence Pass Road About 15 miles west of Twin Lakes, there is a gate blocking traffic from reaching the Independence Pass summit. Sniff, sniff! I can't wait for summer to get here!
    Colorado Creek Colorado Creek On the way out of the canyon, I noticed this spot where large slabs of snow were hovering over the creek. Pretty neat!
    Steve One token picture of me. I know I complain about the cold weather of Colorado sometimes, but man oh man, I think I live in paradise! :)

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