ColoradoGuy's BAD PICTURES
BAD PICTURES in Steve's Large Shoebox of Pictures
(Scanned November 2001)
Talitha Gulla Hi everyone. Just thought I'd show off the "worst of the worst" pictures in my huge box of photos. That's my friend Talitha, and I have no idea why she looks that way. :-D (Pic was taken Summer 1998)
Sasha and Alex in Vladivostok That's Sasha and Alex, two Russian friends of mine from my visit to Vladivostok, Russia in 1999. They look strange! What happened was some of the women had a make-up party and the guys got in on the fun. :)
Dave Spinelli and I GOOD GRIEF! Dave Spinelli is holding me up and my hair is a mess ... ah well. HA HA HA! Dave and I worked together at His Mansion in New Hampshire. (Pic was taken Nov. 1995)
Beth Israel Messianic Congregation For some reason, I took a picture of the trash recepticle behind my home church in New Jersey, Beth Israel Messianic Church. :) (1994)
Chase Gulla That's Chase Gulla. He and his older brother were the VERY FIRST PEOPLE to hear The Story of the Golden Goats Milk! I have no idea what he's doing with his arms. :)

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