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70 Mile Bike Ride - Salida - Buena Vista - Poncha Springs - Back To Salida

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Salida, Colorado
April 23, 2005 - Dave Ortiz of Durango and I met in Salida for a bike ride. We began in the Burger King parking lot on U.S. Highway 50, and my first photo was taken after we arrived in downtown Salida.

The mountain with the "S" is Tenderfoot Mountain, which can be accessed from nearby Spiral Drive.

Dave Ortiz Cyclist It was good to meet Dave for the first time. For years, I had known him by his nickname on the forum, "Radial Spokes."

14er Mt. Shavano is in the background.

Colorado Rocky Mountains
Chaffee County
MIDDLE: 14ers Mt. Shavano / Tabegauche Pk. / Mt. Antero cluster (left), Mt. Princeton (right)
BOTTOM: Looking north at the Buffalo Peaks.
Steve Garufi Cyclist Dave insisted on taking one picture of me.
Colorado Cattle Ranch A cattle ranch. Looks like Marlboro Country to me. Sort of? :)
Collegiate Peaks Colorado Heading north toward Buena Vista, 14ers Mt. Yale (left) and Mt. Columbia (right) afar.
Cycling in Buena Vista Colorado In downtown Buena Vista, a couple of photos of Dave.
Buena Vista, CO Notice how Mt. Princeton towers above town.
Mount Princeton Colorado From Buena Vista, we biked about four miles on Chaffee County Road 306, which is the road that leads to Cottonwood Pass.

Along the way, Mount Princeton looks so large and beautiful.

Chaffee County Road 306 It was all uphill. We turned around at this point, and returned to Buena Vista.
Facing east, the view of the mountains behind Buena Vista.
Heading back south on Route 285, a nice view of the northern Sangre de Cristo Range.
On the way back, we met a woman named Cynthia, a Herbalife rep who offered us a free energy drink supplement. She was friendly and I got a photo and Dave and her. :)

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