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36 MILE BIKE RIDE: Roundtrip From Town of Cascade to Manitou Lake
May 5, 2005
I could have started my ride just three miles down Ute Pass in Manitou Springs, but uh, there's just some fairly unnerving and dangerous stretches on Highway 24 with absolutely no shoulder inside the canyon. Maybe some kind of hiking and/or biking trail will be created someday! ;) Click here (then scroll down) to see some photos of the ride from Manitou Springs to Cascade.
PHOTO: In Cascade, looking north towards the mountains, you'll see the overlook that can be reached from Rampart Range Road.
Looking back west, as approaching Green Mountain Falls.
I was biking uphill, but to think that I could follow Fountain Creek into the Arkansas River and have a general downhill all the way to Arkanasas ... Sigh! ;p)
There's a really nice gazebo and lake in Green Mountain Falls. Rain had her wedding there. ;)
The immediate range to the south.
This is interesting! While driving west of Highway 24, you'll notice this mountain that looks like Kermit the frog. See? He's on his back and looking up like he's sleeping! ;)

Downtown Woodland Park! It takes some serious uphill bicycling to get up here. ;) Also, Woodland Park offers some very grand views of Pikes Peak's north face.
Heading north on Highway 67 in Woodland Park, there's a neat 8-mile biking and hiking trail that leads to Manitou Lake. It was a little too bumpy in some parts for a road biker like myself, but I still greatly appreciated it. ;)
I really liked this funky sign! :)
Arrival at Manitou Lake!
Uh, the forest service charges $5 to visit the rather small man-made lake. I didn't go in and took a photo of the lake from the bike trail. ;) Manitou Lake is a good place for a beginner to practice kayaking, fish or maybe having a picnic/BBQ.
One strange-looking photo of me! :) As a side note, you'll be riding downhill from Wooland Park to Manitou Lake, but you better be in shape, because it's a fairly challenging uphill heading back! ;)
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