Pictures from MY BIRTHDAY on Sunday! :)
September 15, 2002
Hooray! It was my birthday on Sunday and that's the birthday cake that Jae and Lisa made me.
Jae and Lisa sung Happy Birthday to me in A-tonal (sp?) fashion. My favorite composer is Charles Ives.
Yup, that's me EATING my birthday cake! :)
Sigh! I just had to get one more zoom-in of that delicious cake!
Later on we went up to Don's place in rural Teller County, who planned to show us a "secret swimming hole" in the area. :)
THERE IT IS! The water was freezing, but Lisa liked it. I was sick so I had an excuse not to go in. :)
Chuck had already jumped from a 30 foot high cliff before I had gotten my camera ready.
I'm told this spot is a secret among locals and it's on private land, so I will not say publicly or privately how to get there. Sorry! :)
Ha ha ha! Ladies, check out Don without a shirt! This guy is single! I CAN SET YOU UP WITH HIM IF YOU LIKE! jUST
Inside the canyon, I practiced my "pig Spanish" in preparation for my trip to Juarez, Mexico in October. What I do is I belt out random words that I know in Spanish like ESCONDIDO!
*Tengo un ventana roja!*
Que supermercado mucho grande! :)
Awwwwwwwwww, my friends really got along well with Don!
A shot as we drove down Ute Pass.
Chuck took this picture of Lisa with the solarize feature on.
A negative shot that Chuck took while on Manitou Avenue.
Okay, one token happy-looking picture of me, in case my mama sees this page.
In the evening, we went to the Townhouse Lounge (the place where I beat Jae in Scrabble) and I had nachos! :)
That's what the plate looked like when I was done!

You know the drill...

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