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BOULDER, COLORADO: Steve and Megan Bum Around Town!
May 2004
Okay, here's just a few photos from our breakfast. What yummy looking food! ;)
We ate at Lucille's, a pretty nice restaurant. I had two eggs (easy over), spicy potatoes, "Louisiana sausage" and a biscuit. YUM!

Walk Near "The Flat Irons" Mountains
Then we went for a short walk near the "Flat Irons". I really need to return to hike to the top of that mountain! ;)
TOP:: People do a lot of climbing on those rocks!
BOTTOM: Looking north towards Boulder.

The camera didn't quite capture it, but look at those bluebells!
A couple more shots of those bluebells!

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  • Megan used to live in Boulder, and she was pointing something out to me.

    Celestial Seasonings Headquarters in Boulder!
    Hooray! Then we went to the Celestial Seasoning's Tea Headquarters! :)
    They offered free tea of almost every flavor, and there's Megan sniffing an Apricot flavored tea (I think).

    Ooooooooh! This is neat! They showed off many of the original paintings that made it on tea boxes.

    TOP: The Mandarin Orange woman
    BOTTOM: Another orangy picture.
    Just look at the artwork on these tea boxes! :)

    I love how they have all these proverbs throughout the grounds!

    These three are my favorite! ;)
    By the way, we went on a tour through the warehouse, but they disallowed all picture taking. Ah well!

    A few more tea flavors! :P

    Regarding the English Toffee Tea, I'm curious: Have you ever visited the British Discussion Forum? <:D
    AND LOOK! We drove on Sleepytime Drive! :)

    Flowers and Other Random Pictures
    Blah blah bl-blah blah blah yakitty yak blah!
    Isn't that an interesting sign in Nederland? We drove up there after our photo-op at Boulder Falls.
    Megan insisted that we visit the Great Indoors, and in view of the photo, have you ever visited the Bathroom Humor Lounge? :)
    Hooray! That was me, playing with my business cards at the dinner table.

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