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1968 Volkswagen Bug

Photos Of My First Day "Babysitting" The VW Bug - October 2000

1968 VW Bug Look at this beautiful 1968 VW Bug!
1968 VW Bug Emma, the owner, gracious allowed me to "babysit" her car for a couple of months while she is out of town.

Notice how the black and red shades make it look like a lady bug! :)

VW Bug Engine The engine runs really well. I love how those VW Bug engines sound!
1968 VW Bug Dashboard Here's the dashboard: At the moment, the blinkers and horn don't work, and the bumpers are off. Oh, the odomoter also doesn't work either, and you've got to open the driver side door by lowering the window and opening the door from the inside. ;-)
Idaho Spud I went for a drive and ate a chocolate bar called an Idaho Spud. I know ... it is a dorky picture but I was so giddy to take the Bug for a drive. :)
1968 VW Bug This was freaky! I thought I totally killed the starter and was stranded in the parking lot near Garden of the Gods. Long story made short, I called a tow truck, then while waiting, I learned my lesson and got the starter to work again.
(Picture taken at a traffic light.)
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