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The Butterfly Pavilion In Westminster, Colorado!
(Steve and Ron Walk Among Hundreds of Butterflies - December 27, 2004)

Ron and I visited the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. If you love butterflies, this is definitely the place to visit if you are in the Denver area. Butterfly Pavilion
Look at that butterfly! :)
Inside the butterfly area, you will see hundreds and hundreds of butterflies fluttering around in a humid and tropical millieu.

Adjacent Photo: Ron admires a blue and purple one!

Denver Butterfly Pavilion
Ooooooh! An orange one! Orange Butterfly
More butterflies.

You can see the pavilion's web site here:

Butterfly Butterfly
Look at this butterfly I caught fluttering its wings! :) Butterfly
By the way, these are not to be confused with the Florida Butterfly Ballot of 2000. ;) Butterfly
Ron and I had a very enjoyable time and quite a bit of time in there.

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  • Butterfly
    Just look at all the detail on this one. Butterfly
    Wowwee! See all the colors in this one?! :O Butterfly
    A dorky picture of me. This really is a special place! Butterfly Pavilion
    Holy Goats Milk!
    Check out this lizard that was sitting on a branch. And look, the lizard showed off it's big gutt in the bottom right photo! ;)

    Oooooooh! There was even a dove inside the pavilion! Dove
    At the exit, a sign warned to be aware of "hitch-hiking" butterflies that might want to exit. ;) Butterfly Pavilion

    Other Neat Stuff at the Butterfly Pavilion

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I zoomed-in on a cockaroach at the insect exhibit. Cockaroach
    Children can hold a furry-looking spider too!
    Oh my goodness! A Texas Longhorn Beetle crawls up a cactus. Cactus
    Ron had fun playing with a furry spider at the gift shop. Nice one! Ron

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