Eastern Colorado Plains Towns: A Drive Along Highway 24
(Calhan, Ramah, Simla, Matheson and Limon)

Town of Calhan (March 22, 2003)

Hooray! The town of Calhan! Home of the El Paso County Fair!
"Tote" and I were looking for something to do and she made the ride in my Honda CRX much more enjoyable.
I snuck a picture of those cowboys talking from my car.
That's Curly's Place, a bar in town. Now remember, all of the towns we visited are really small! :)
These two dudes were working on replacing this tractor tire.
Isn't that a cool zip code number? :)

Ramah, Colorado

Yippee! We made it to Ramah, about 9 miles east of Calhan!
A nice compact view of Pikes Peak.
That's the dance hall and the post office, which are the only two "services" in town.
Toteco and I kinda struggled with boredom as we cruised around, so I made Tote take a picture of herself. :p)
Oh! There's a funky-looking garage there with all sorts of really old cars outside the building. Kinda reminded me of all the rundown cars in Guffey.
Everyone! We met the FORMER MAYOR OR RAMAH!
While we were in Limon (scroll to bottom to see Limon), we met That's Bill Bruhn who said he's really glad he's not mayor anymore. Ramah ... population 120!

Simla, Colorado (Now you're really getting out there!)

Let me tell you, Simla had a lot of small town charm!
The Simla Salvage is not in operation anymore! :(
Check this out! The town laundromat is shaped like a barn
Cool truck!
There's a really good pizza place on the main avenue and the woman at the counter was SO FRIENDLY! She told us so much about Simla and I think we could have talked on and on for hours. (Yes, that's me holding a package of Mentos and I was craving a vanilla coke!)As you can see, I was leaning in the picture and that's why my hair looks so awful! :(
Tote and I got out of my car to get a picture of this...
... Pikes Peak peaking it's head out as we move farther away from it to the east.
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  • Matheson, Colorado

    Lots of trailers and other crap out there! ;)
    There's one very interesting antique shop on the main drag. By the way, have you ever visited the Antique Forum?
    There's a BEAUTIFUL CHURCH on a hillside!
    More junk and crap! But I think this kind of stuff gives a town character, don't you think?
    Here's some other interesting small towns:
  • Hartsel
  • Victor
  • Villa Grove
  • St. Elmo (Ghost Town)
  • Rico

  • Limon, Colorado

    (Interstate 70 and State Highway 24 Meet)

    Beautiful yucca plants outside of town!
    I love these kinds of pictures!

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    We wound up having lunch at Denny's in Limon, and Tote took this picture of me. :p)

    Alrighty, please voice your thoughts about these pictures of anything else on my:


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