Manitou Springs, Colorado
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CARVED WOODEN BEARS! Photos of Wooden Art at a Local Shop - August 12, 2005
Carved Wooden Bears Today I visited Nature of Things in Manitou Springs (347 Manitou Avenue) ... and check out all of the carved wooden bears! :)
Carved Wooden Bears
Carved Wooden Bear Carved Wooden Bear
Carved Wooden Bears
They've got big ol' life size wooden bears, medium bears, small bears, bears holding signs and other carved wooden gifts.

Look at the growl of that brown bear to the left! ;)

You can visit their web site at:

LEFT: Bill, the owner, showed me his work area and proudly held up his chainsaw that makes those wooden bears! :)

RIGHT: John holds up one of his recent creations.

Special thanks to both of these gentleman for showing me around!

Carved Wooden Fish I love those wooden fish!
I had to "shout" that in large letters.
Carved Wooden Bear A spiffy-looking sailor bear too! ;)
Carved Wooden Indian Ooooooooh! This carved Indian piece was huge!

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  • This young man took a short break to pose with his sculpture.
    Carved Wooden Bear Pretty neat! They even have wooden bears climbing up the staircase railings! :)
    Carved Wooden Bears There I am holding up a particular wooden bear I liked.
    Logs Don't you dare call those logs just a scarp area for old wood! This is the birthplace for those wooden bears! :)