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CASA BONITA MEXICAN RESTAURANT! (Steve & Friends Visit Lively Denver Eatery!)
June 1, 2004
Casa Bonita in Denver! This place has *a lot* of stimuli! Kids love it there! ;)
Outside, Sierra brought her cute pink flamingo. On the right, Lars takes a photo of the large waterfall outside the restaurant.
A Casa Bonita worker passes out the yummy Mexican food! :p)
I kept trying to get a picture of Laura, but she kept ducking and covering her face (as in this photo). I think she became a little irritated with all of my picture taking by the end of the night. :(
Lars (from the Photography Forum) holds up his plate with one cheese enchilada. On the right, Jeep Chick and Littlehands look at the camera.
Okay, here's everyone. The crowd was very similar to the gathering at the Homestead Restaurant last week. We had fun again! :)
A shot of me chomping on a tortilla chip and a photo of Jeep Chick on the verge of eating her food. :)
Two employees of Casa Bonita. The girl on the right was our waitress. She was very friendly, even after we barraged her with four people taking flash pictures of her at once! :)
As Casa Bonita, if you need the waitress, you raise the red flag on your table. :)
Look at Sierra's chicken dinner ... That looks SO GOOD! :)
In our discussion, the topic came up that among all of the attendees, NOBODY had voted for Hair Consultant Ben "One With The Tao" Paulson. While everyone thinks Ben is a great guy, many are unhappy (as seen by Littlehands' disapproving photo) with the terrible job Ben is doing as Hair Consultant. He hasn't done anything at all! :(

Folks, this is a really fun place to take your kids. They have divers that jump into a 2-story pool, people dressed up as monkeys and gorillas, a mariacci (sp?) band, two arcades, pinatas to break for the kids and more. Here's their web site: Casa Bonita Denver Dot Com. My pictures of the performers didn't turn out to well, because of the poor lighting. :p)
On the way back, I got a shot of downtown Denver. Here are all of my Denver pictorials: Downtown Denver, Botanic Gardens, Butterfly Pavilion, Soda Machine at Denver Seminary, Late night in Englewood

You're welcome to share your thoughts about Casa Bonita or any of these crazy pictures on my:


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