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CATAMOUNT TRAIL HIKE: Steve and Nicole's Hike (Green Mountain Falls, CO) - July 9, 2005
How to get there: In Green Mountain Falls, take Hondo Avenue all the way until it dead ends. One factor is lack of parking: It is suggested that you park in the town center and hike up Hondo Avenue.
Right where the trail starts, you'll come upon a really beautiful waterfall!

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  • Queens Canyon Falls, Cascade Falls, Helen Hunt Falls
  • You'll get some really nice views of Ute Pass!
    Special thanks to Nicole, my cute hiking assistant for coming along! :p)
    I gotta be honest, we didn't hike the entire trail. We went up to this amazing overlook of the town of Green Mountain Falls and here's the view. You can continue up the trail along the side of the mountain, where you'll eventually reach a flatter canyon-like area. You can take that all the way up to the North & South Catamount Reservoirs near the Pikes Peak Highway.

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