Garufi Family, Christmas 2001
Christmas Pictures with the Garufi Family, December 2001
Colorado Flag My younger brother Mark really like the Colorado flag I got him! It turns out only my older brother (whom at the time I hadn't gotten a present for) saw the page where I revealed the gifts I had gotten for my family.
Mama and her gift Within minutes of hugging her when arrived back in New Jersey, my Mom called my hair a "bird's nest." Ah well, at least she liked her gift! I LOVE YOU, MAMA!
Papa and his gift My Papa was happy with the shirt. This picture reminds me of the goofy picture of him holding the Hair Consultant butterfly ballot last year. Oh, and speaking of my hair, my Papa said he thought I wanted to look like a tree.
Jack Attack! That's my awesome nephew Jack and myself. :)
Starbucks Gift Certificate I wound up giving my older brother Dave a $10 gift certificate to Starbucks. It wasn't the most sophisticated gift, but I think he was pleased.
Grandma Grace Grandma Grace was at least diplomatic in her assessment of my hair. She said she did not like how my long hair covered my face. There my Grandma goes, tying my hair in a pony tail.
Jack and Mark Great picture! HA HA HA HA HA!
Grandma Connie and me Grandma Connie, my Papa's Mama, lectured me about how "horrible" my long hair looked for the first few minutes of our visit. She was playing Bingo with her assisted living friends and even asked aloud to the group, "Doesn't he look like a girl?" Ah well. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA! :)
Horse Racing Intellivision Mark and I played with the Intellivision set at our boyhood home. There he is yelling at the screen during a horse racing match.
Family Picture That was the entire crew on Christmas day. I put a popcorn on the face of my sister-in-law, who continues to refuse to allow me to put her picture on the web site.
yogi berra museum Earlier in the week, Papa and I went to the Yogi Berra Museum in New Jersey.

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