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COLORADO'S HIGH COUNTRY! Photos Of Mt. Princeton, Cottonwood Creek In Chaffee County - April 13-14, 2006
Mt. Princeton Spring has arrived to Colorado's high country and I've been much more out and about recently with my photography adventures. Today I took this shot of Mt. Princeton from Chaffee County Road 361 near Cielo Drive. I'm definitely going to add this photo to my all-new Mt. Princeton web site. ;)
Colorado Sunset A pinkish Colorado sunset with Mt. Harvard in the foreground.
Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton
It was late in the evening, and there was still some visibility. In the photo above of Mt. Princeton, I struggled greatly with getting a good shot with the lighting being not very cooperative. Then, I put the camera on the ground, turned the timer on, and got the bottom photo of me with Mt. Princeton behind me. It did get darker in the few minutes that I tinkered with the camera, and I probably did not have the right settings on. You can see the scrubby brush too! ;)
Cottonwood Canyon
Cottonwood Creek
I also recently took this pictures of Cottonwood Creek, the main creek that runs down from Cottonwood Pass at the Continental Divide.
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