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Yellow Taxi Cab In Colorado Springs

Photos Of An Adventure With A Colorado Springs Taxi Cab Driver

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Taxi Driver

Taxi Cab

Taxi Photos

April 2004 - Today I had the honor of spending time with John, a real-life Colorado Springs taxi driver in Colorado Springs. He took me for a drive and let me take pictures of his yellow taxi cab.

I love the the large vacant light and notice the bright headlight in the top photos, for this taxi used to be police car! :)

Yellow Taxi Cab A nice photo of the taxi - a bright yellow Chevrolet Lumina.
Colorado Springs Taxi The dashboard and special taxi meter.
Taxi Camera A notice about the camera system.
Bullet Hole Windshield
Check the bullet hole in his windshield! John only works mornings and afternoons in Colorado Springs, but some occasions, another driver had using his cab at night and that's when it happened. Notice the interesting bottom photo - I was sitting in the passenger seat and got the bullet hole skewing the view of the road at Fillmore & El Paso in Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs Taxi Special thanks to John for giving me a ride around town. Years later, I would think about this day when I enjoyed a limousine throughout the day in Phoenix, AZ in a 1987 Cadillac Limousine.

Adjacent photo: John pulled over to add air to his tire.

Colorado Springs Map John showed me some of the "behind the scenes" stuff, such as cabbies' taxi zones with this Colorado Springs map.

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  • Another shot of the specialized taxi meter inside the cab. All those buttons were so tempting to push, and the video below shows what I did ... :)
    Taxi Van Two taxi vans ahead of us. on Facebook

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