Telluride, CO
Colorado Desert Pictures

(Photos Between Delta, CO and Grand Junction, CO in Western Colorado - April 2002)

Desert Road I visited the desert in western Colorado this week. Between the towns of Grand Junction and Delta is a fifty mile stretch of desert with all sorts of roads leading to nowhere.
1991 Honda CRX Special thanks to my car for getting all dusty and dirty with me.
Cactus Lots of beautiful cactuses out there, but no, this time I didn't kiss any of them. ;)
Desert I took this ordinary desertscape shot when...
Desert Sky ... I noticed how beautiful the sky was above! So standing in the same spot, I tilted my camera up.
Desert Mountain I love these small mountain ridges that display different layers of colors. The Painted Desert in Arizona has the very best for that kind of stuff.
Desert By the way, the desert is spelled one "S". Click here to see some "desserts". :)
Devil's Thumb That rock, located just north of Delta, is called the Devil's Thumb. Those mountains are the very southwestern edge of the Grand Mesa Range.
Parched Ground The parched ground! :P
Desert Earlier that morning, I had enjoyed a fantastic visit to Colorado National Monument. Yet exploring the hot and dry desert was really special.
Oh! Here's a shot of a golf course that Matt and I played at. It was so nice to play on a desert golf course! :)