Colorado Road Biking - South Fork, CO To Creede, CO

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Colorado Mountain Scenery


November 19, 2005 - My friend Dave Ortiz met me in South Fork, Colorado to do some road biking. On this day, we biked from South Fork to Creede round trip, totaling 40 miles. During the summer months, when tourism season is high, this road is much busier, but on this cold November day vehicular traffic was minimal.

The first picture: Beautiful mountain scenery as we traveled north on Highway 149.

Wagon Wheel Gap Dave Ortiz and Steve Garufi Cyclist Near Wagon Wheel Gap, I loved this view of desert-like landscape.

Also, a photo of Dave and I. Great shot!

John Fremont Colorado Rio Grande Map
Ute Indians
Pictures of signs detailing some of the region's history, including John Fremon's expedition in 1848, the Ute Indian tribe and a tribute to the Rio Grande.

Rio Grande As we got closer to Creede, we rested at a perfect place for a photo of the Rio Grande. This is the great river in its infancy stage!
Creede, Colorado Beautiful scenery throughout our route to Creede.
Smoking a cigar Dave Ortiz Two more shots of us.

I smoked cigar early in the ride to celebrate reaching my 3,000 miles goal for the year.

Dave's bright yellow jacket looks stylish.

Creede, Colorado

Creede, Colorado

Welcome to Historic Creede.
Gas Station Tomkins Gifts & Gas.
Downtown Creede, Colorado Me enjoying downtown Creede.
Creede, Colorado Dave photographing a canyon wall.

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