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The DEAD BEAT Hall of Fame of!

(Read Up On The Nine Members Voted Into The Dead Beat Hall of Fame!)

  1. Bernie (Steve's long-time best friend from New Jersey who hardly ever posts on the forums)
  2. Laloo (Former forum "regular" and Hair Consultant candidate in Arizona who never visits anymore)
  3. Alamosa Girl (College student and fired Hair Consultant who only visits when she doesn't have a boyfriend)
  4. Cheyenne Rose (Really fun "regular" in 2002 & 2003, but never visits anymore; Has plenty of excuses these days)
  5. Dave Beers (Guru on the Politics Forum stopped posting because wife wanted him to focus more on work)
  6. Clint Lewis (Another Politics Forum "regular" who practically "vanished" for no known reason)
  7. Little Blue Fish (Anne) (Well-adored "regular" who never visits anymore; Gives lots of excuses)
  8. Mountain Lover Laura (Regular who "dropped off the face of the earth" when she met her man)
  9. Keema (Well-loved "regular" from Arkansas; Rumors are she's consumed by a boyfriend.)
  10. Holger From Germany (Witty and funny German visitor who "disappeared" with no explanation or reason)
  11. States of Hawaii and Alaska (States where residents showed great disdain for this web site and my friends)

    Why Are There So Many Dead Beats In My Life?!

    So you're asking: What is a dead beat? What is this all about?

    Dead beats are vital members of the ColoradoGuy community who have the weakness of going on unexplained "disappearing acts" for long periods of time. Dead beats are typically really cool people who connect in meaningful ways with others on the forums, but eventually they break people's hearts because of their dead beat behavior.

    You may notice dead beats usually have an arsenal of "good excuses" to explain away why they're gone. "I've been busy", "Work has been a hassle", "I've been consumed with (fill in the blank)", "My computer hasn't been working" ... Blah, blah, blah, blah!

    Personally, I didn't know what to do with all the dead beats in my life, and so I created this page to honor all of the inductees into the Dead Beat Hall of Fame. Every August, inductees are placed into the hall of fame. This year, Keema, Holger From Germany and the states of Alaska and Hawaii have been added to the list.

    Congratulations to all of the Colorado Guy Dead Beats! Bernie, Laloo, Alamosa Girl, Clint Lewis, Dave Beers, Cheyenne Rose, Little Blue Fish, Mountain Lover Laura, Keema, Holger, Alaska and Hawaii!

    Love, Steve :)

    Four Well-Deserved Dead Beats Inducted Into the Hall of Fame (August 24, 2006)
    Keema Keema joined this web site in 2004 and provided really great postings on the Arkansas Forum. She also attended the 2005 and 2006 Colorado Guy Festivals, and has been regarded as a well-adored "regular" with a heart of gold. In late 2006, Keema "dropped off the face of the earth" and hardly ever comes around anymore. The rumor is Keema is mixed up with a boyfriend and like many women, she has allowed that relationship diminish her interaction with others. Everyone misses Keema! :(
    No Photo :( Holger From Germany posted witty and amusing messages on the Friendship Board for a couple of years. During the 2006 Hair Consultant election, Holger campaigned strongly for "Dave-O" and was the source of a lot of fun and laughter. Sometime in mid-2005, Holger stopped particiatping in the forums and no one has heard from him since.
    Hawaii and Alaska - The entire states of Hawaii and Alaska are the third and fourth inductees in this year's class of dead beats. Firstly, since the Alaska Forum and Hawaii Forum were created in 2005, there has not been even one actual resident who has commented on those forums. Not one!

    To make matters worse, the residents of these states showed a great amount of apathy and disrespect towards my friends Pete and Phil (the 2007 Hair Consultant candidates) by refusing to vote in the election. Not one person voted from either state! Alaska and Hawaii have the disgraceful distinction of being the only states where not even one vote was tallied. The people of these states should be ashamed of themselves!

    Two In "Consuming" Relationships Inducted Into the Hall of Fame (August 14, 2006)
    Anne Little Blue Fish - I met Anne in April 2004 and to this day I consider her a dear friend. She joined the forums and particularly wrote many very insightful posts on the Dating & Relationships Forum. Anne also attended much of the 2005 ColoradoGuy Festival and everyone was impressed with how fun she is. Sadly, Anne slipped away and used the excuses that 1) she was busy with work, 2) her computer at home wasn't working and 3) she had gotten married. Everyone misses Ms. "Little Blue Fish" a lot! :(
    Mountain Lover Laura Mountain Lover Laura lives in midwest and for over a year posted daily about her love for Colorado. Everyone really liked her because of her kindness and personality, and she even visited Colorado in 2005! Regretably, Laura "pulled a Alamosa Girl" (see Alamosa Girl below) when her postings dropped off significantly after she began dating a guy whom she eventually married. She continually used the excuse that she was busy spending time with her love, even though there are many other regulars in relationships who visting the forums regularly. :( Mountain Lover Laura is still missed by many to this very day and we hope she will come back soon!

    Second Round: Three More Inductees Into the Hall of Fame (August 18, 2005)
    Cheyenne Rose was a daily visitor on the forums in 2002 and 2003, and was so much stinkin' fun! In fact, Steve met up with Cheyenne Rose and her friends in October 2003 to celebrate Halloween at her house. Soon after, Cheyenne completely stopped visiting or posting on the forums, and Cheyenne frequently gives the excuse that she's "too busy" with work and school. Apparently it's too much for Cheyenne to spend even a couple of her precious minutes on the Internet giving brief updates on her life on the Friendship Board. Oh well, at least I get to talk to her on the phone sometimes! :( Links With Cheyenne: Texas Pictures, Texas Halloween '03
    Dave Beers (left) and Clint Lewis (right) are two good buddies of mine who also live in Manitou Springs. They both came on around the same time (late 2003?) and frequently posted thoughtful and interesting writings on the Politics Forum. Well, sometime after the Bush/Kerry election, both Dave and Clint dropped off the face of the earth! What's Dave's excuse? His wife is disallowing him to visit other sites during the day (he works at home), so he can focus more on work. As for Clint, nobody really knows. I think I remember him e-mailing me with the "busy with work" excuse to explain his absence ... but who knows? I know I speak for many in saying we miss both Dave and Clint! :(

    The First Inductees Into the Dead Beat Hall Of Fame (July 11, 2004)
    Now Bernie is my best friend from New Jersey. We went to high school together and have kept in touch really well. Occasionally, Bernie would visit the forums in spurts and because he's so cool, everyone would think he's just great. But then Bernie would "pull a Bernie" (a term many use on the forums) and he would completely disappear for months and months at a time. Bernie's latest excuse is that he has a baby daughter now, which apparently means he can't even find just five minutes out of his day to visit the Friendship Board to give an update and show us photos of his cute baby daughter. Links With Bernie: New Jersey shore, Island Beach State Park, Brooklyn, Central Park, Aspen Roadtrip, '04 Festival
    "Laloo" was a daily visitor of the forums in 2003 and 2004 and even ran for Hair Consultant, finishing in second place. But then Laloo turned into a complete dead beat even though she wasn't necessarily upset with anyone. Laloo moved to Arizona in late 2004 and used the excuse that she didn't have her computer hooked up as the reason for ignoring us. She also gave the "great excuse" that she's not allowed to visit web sites like this at work. Sheeeesh! Links with Laloo: Laloo's '04 campaign, Is Laloo a DQ?, Laloo endorses Kelly in '05
    Alissa, known as "Alamosa Girl", was a really fun regular on the forums in 2002 and 2003. But then Alamosa Girl began dating a guy and dropped much of her other social activities and "dissed" the ColoradoGuy forums. We all still miss her, and Alissa pops her head in here and there, but you can count on Alamosa Girl being a dead beat (labeled the "Dead Beat Hair Consultant") ... because when she finds her next boyfriend, say "bye bye" to Alamosa Girl! :( Links With Alamosa Girl: Alamosa Girl Wins '03 HC election, Manitou Mineral Springs, Pikes Peak Highway '03, No-Show Dead Beat at BBQ, Alissa Fired

    Mt. Princeton The Greatest Coffee Web Site Colorado Springs Real Estate Sunsets

    Reformed Dead Beats - People No Longer On The List (August 14 2006)
    Kansas Kelly Kansas Kelly - Kelly was inducted in August 2005 when she "disappeared" for long periods of time in early and mid-2005, and had a habit of never answering her phone. Kelly cemented her dead beat reputation when she stubbornly refused to drop Bernie (the "Babe Ruth of Dead Beats") as her running mate during her 2005 Hair Consultant candidacy, which ultimately sunk her candidacy. Kansas Kelly's embarrassing public enabling of a dead beat is a legacy she continues to hold to this very day.

    However ... Kansas Kelly has changed her ways! Kelly has worked very hard at visiting the forums daily and has participated in many Colorado Guy functions. In fact, Kelly has been a "shining star" in organizing the 2005 and 2006 Colorado Guy Festivals. To be direct, Kelly has gone way far and beyond expectations to clear her name and get her off the dead beat list. Way to go Kelly! Today, Kelly stands as a role model and inspiration to other dead beats. Indeed, she has proven that with hard work, determination and a strong stand against believing one's excuses, that anything is possible! :)

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