Stagecoach Inn in Manitou Springs
Hi guys. I will admit, I have not been very happy with the quality of "adventures" recently. The biggest problem is winter - I'm just not that motivated to go outside that much. In fact, my last decent hike was the Catamount Trail in late October. Anyhow, just thought I'd vent...
Hodge-Podge Collection of December Pictures - December 2001
jack, very cute pic What a great picture of Jack ... the boy who called me a girl.
christmas decorations The streets of Manitou Springs are all decorated! :)
amber publicity stunt That's Amber, posing as a turtle under a chair. I think Amber, more than anyone else, realizes that the crazier she acts, the more she'll get to be on this web site. This is a sheer publicity stunt right here!
tara I honestly couldn't tell you why Tara looks so strange in this picture. :(
sherri Her roommate Sherri didn't look so cheerful either. :(
Honda CRX picture That's my shiny, red Honda CRX in the backdrop of the beautiful plains of northern Colorado.
Conoco Picture Has anyone else noticed how low gas prices have been going?

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