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December 2002: The Latest Pictures of ColoradoGuy! :)
Boki and his cat.
Dogs chasing each other!
Near Penrose, Colorado, looking out towards the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
Me and Cynthia!
A colored-in House District 18 map. Dan Stuart won the red precincts, Michael Merrifield won the blue precincts. The two gray precincts were ties! Hey, maybe I should see how much I could get for this on ebay! :)
Shane and his remote control airplane.
Japhy loves to vacuum!
I love this car so stinking much! :)
"Walking stick" cactus.
Denny and Tina. These people rock! :)
At the beginning of the Waldo Canyon Trail.
My favorite: PIKES PEAK
Ha ha ha! A funny magnet at Spice of Life Cafe.
My car near Rampart Range Resevoir.

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