Interior Decoration Colors
Hi guys! I wanted to give you some new and updated pictures of my apartment. With the exception of the very first picture, all the others were taken yesterday...
More Apartment Pictures! - August 31, 2001
Matt and Jenni So I bought a bunch of furniture this weekend. THAT'S MY LIVING ROOM NOW!
Matt and Jenni A friend gave me these flowers for the vase on the dining table. It looks fabulous!
Funny handsome guys I'm sitting on the love seat looking at the dining area. Curtains and framed prints are the next things on the agenda.
Annie Scotty, gave me that recliner for only FIVE BUCKS! At first, I thought I would re-apolster it, but now I'm not sure. Many are telling me it goes with the room. Oh, and that colorful flower basket was given to me as a gift.
Hot car Many of you wanted to see my bedroom, so here you go. It's a small room and my camera lens isn't wide enough to get much. Next to the bed is an entertainment center functioning as a dresser. Also, my computer is in here. Right now I'm just focused on keeping it clean and waiting to get money to buy curtains and prints for here too.
Buffet picture! That's my bedroom door. I love the rich, fruity wood color. I live in an old building that used to be a hotel in the early 20th century. In fact, my apartment is really four former hotel rooms. Pretty neat.
Hot car The stairway to my entrance is still rather bare. I did paint it though.

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