Late Afternoon Day 3: Hanging with Youth Group in Del Norte, Colorado
June 2002
After a long day of riding, I finally arrived in Del Norte in the San Luis Valley.
I was really hoping and praying I would NOT be alone that night...
...and I came upon a blue-faced building that is a Christian-based hangout for local kids and teenagers.
There were so many couches in there and they let me take a nap! :)
That's Randy, a guy who helps out at the center.
That's Daniel, the guy who heads the place. He and Randy were so friendly to me and before I knew it...
...we were out having dinner. Oh guys, these local restaurants in the San Luis Valley are AMAZING! I had a large smothered chicken burrito with green chili along with beans and San Luis Valley style potatoes. IT WAS HEAVENLY! :)
At the restaurant, this local kid named Sean performed a few card tricks.
Ha ha ha ha ha! Check out this book sitting on that table!
I got to talking with Randy and GET THIS! It turns out he owns one of those stereotypical ranches where it looks like a complete junkyard and has a large number of really old cars (all in running condition!) including that 1973 Scout and an older one, a 1975 Datsun 280-ZX, 1979 Firebird, 1970 Camaro and a 1956 International Potato Truck!
That's Daniel, pushing a lollipop with his nose.
Those are some of the kids playing pool. A lot of them thought I was crazy for doing this bike trip.
The lyrics for the praise songs we sang were put on a projector.
Shhhhhhhhhhh! When everybody was gone, Daniel allowed me to sleep one of the couches for the night! :)

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