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THE DENNY CREEK TRAIL - Winter Hike In The Collegiate Peaks Wilderness (February 26, 2006)
Denny Creek Trail It was a surprisingly warm and sunny day on Sunday, with it reaching the mid-50's in Buena Vista. The day before, I had wandered by foot around Cottonwood Lake and thought I would "play around" a bit on the Denny Creek Trail, the main trailhead that leads to the 14er Mt. Yale. On this hike, I only hiked in about one mile, just short of the Delaney Creek Trail that travels on the southwest side of Mt. Yale to reach its summit. The snow was very deep throughout, but note in the adjacent photo just how packed the trail was. ;)
Colorado A dying tree shows off some unusual color in the wintery forest.
Aspens Oh there's just something about aspens, isn't there? :)
Tree Most of my pictures, ironically, were "micropictures" of noticeable things along the trail.
Look at this! I spotted this squirrel happily chomping away on a pine cone about 20 yards up in a tree.
Pine Needles Oooooooh! Some pine needles. :)
Hiker Again, I only hiked in about one mile and then turned around. I'm just starting to get into decent shape! Don't worry, I'll be back on this trail in the early summer, for hiking Mt. Yale is definitely on the agenda this year. :)
Collegiate Peaks Wilderness
Collegiate Peaks Wilderness
Back at the beginning of the trail, there is plenty of information posted with topograhical maps, trailhead information, avalanche precautions and facts about the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. I want to thank anyone and everyone involved in helping to preserve and protect this beautiful and wild region.
Denny Gulch Trailhead This is what the Denny Creek Trailhead parking lot looked like on Sunday. The area is filled with snowmobilers who are adventuring up in the canyon towards Cottonwood Pass. :)

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