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Devil's Head Fire Lookout - Colorado Front Range Hike

Devils Head Campground and Trail May 2004 - The Devils Head Fire Lookout is an excellent trail for those who live on the Front Range. It is located southwest of Denver and northwest of Colorado Springs, and in my opinion, is an enjoyable and moderate hike for the family or visitors in town. It may be a good first hike for those visiting from lower elevations to test themselves on a hike. Of course, the mountain views and scenery at the top of the lookout make the effort all worth it.

Directions: In the town of Sedalia, CO, travel west on State Highway 67 into the mountains. Turn south on Rampart Range Road and travel south nine miles where you'll see the sign in the adjacent photo. (If you're coming from Colorado Springs, travel north on Interstate 25 to Sedalia, and then take Hwy 67.)

Phil Ladden Special thanks to my good friend Phil for driving and telling me about this place. Check out his blog:
Devils Head Trail
Near the beginning of the trail are some towering aspens.

Devils Head Trail
The hike is 1.4 miles (one way). Along the way, we enjoyed some of these nice views.
Switchback Sign At this sign that prohibited cutting through switchbacks, I lost my cool. I guess I don't like being restricted! :)
I took a few photos of informative signs, including this one about wildfires.
Devils Head Trail, CO The month was May, and it was glorious to see snow beside the trail.

At the top of the trail is a cabin where the forest ranger who works the lookout lives.

I also included two more signs with information about the lookout, and the long stairway to the top. Very cool!

Devils Head Fire Lookout
Devil's Head Fire Lookout

Devils Head Fire Lookout - Elevation 9,748 Feet

You'll enjoy 360 degree views of the mountians! :)

TOP: Thunder Mountain, looking southwest.

SECOND: The purple hue in the terrain was the burn area of the Hayman Fire in 2002.

Colorado Toward the northwest.
Pikes Peak, CO Facing straight south, Pikes Peak stands afar with the Rampart Range in the foreground.
Devils Head Fire Lookout Looking north-northwest, some of those lofty peaks are in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Devils Head Fire Lookout
Devils Head Fire Lookout
Rock Outcroppings
A few photos looking towards the east, including various large rocks.
Forest Rangers That's Bill and Steve, two friendly forest rangers who were work at the lookout full-time. They also took the time to hikers like us.
Devils Head Fire Lookout The forest ranger points something out to Phil. It's a fascinating site.
Devils Head Fire Lookout A souvenir card given to me.
FAQ Sheet An amusing FAQ sheet. Do read it!

The forest rangers still use old, manual compasses. The lookout and compass are positioned perfectly so that if there's a fire, one can locate the fire with this compass. The map on the right helps if the area is beyond the scope of the first compass. (Tough for me to explain; go hike it yourself and they'll explain it to you better.)
Devils Head Fire Lookout
Devils Head Fire Lookout
The lookout gets struck by lightning quite often! This stool, with glass bottoms is supposedly lightning proof. In the second photo, some kind of wiring was placed on the roof which deters lightning from striking directly on the building, and that tall antenna (bottom photo) typically gets struck instead!
Devils Head Fire Lookout Forest Ranger Bill has been working up at that lookout for many years and made it in a popular outdoor magazine.
Backpack That's Bill's backpack that he carries with him everyday. Way to go!
One last shot of Pikes Peak, from inside the lookout.

An explanation of a story that has gone down through generations about the Devil's Head area. Neat! on Facebook

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