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Hanging Out With Don On His Land Near Florissant
August 2002
Well, today I visited my friend Don in Teller County.
He's got a big chunk of land way out there with a nice view of Pikes Peak.
And there he is!
Don is a woodworker on his land. HE ROCKS!
Check out his funky barn-shaped garage. I love it!
Great license plate collection!
In true rural Teller County fashion, Don's got all sorts of worthless crap and junk that's dotted on his property including this beat-up old trailer.
Looking south towards Cripple Creek, Don has more great views of mountains.
That's me, wearing my tie-dye inside his woodshop.
Don was working on this ... he makes all sorts of furniture, including very sophisticated stuff.
Check out Don's funky-looking clock! By the way, do YOU know you can buy a ColoradoGuy clock in my store? :)
Don's woodshop was a little messy. :(

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