Easter 2003: Eva and Steve Wander in Teller County!

First, we hung out in Cripple Creek...

Hooray! Eva came to Manitou to hang out for Easter. We had lunch and then drove up the pass to Teller County! HOORAY! :)
The Brass Ass Casino! :P
So we're walking around and this friendly woman began telling us about Victor, another small mining town nearby.

I took two spontaneous pictures of her. Uhhhhhhhh, one was good and one was bad! ;)
Eva gambled about 50 cents at a slot machine for a few minutes. And believe it or not, I didn't gamble whatsoever. :)
That's me, wearing an old scarlet Victorian hat in a gift shop. Don't I look mighty pretty? ;)
Hee hee! That's cute!
Holy Goats Milk!

This gift shop sells pickels out of a barrel!
That's me and Eva. Notice my lovely tie-dye! ;)
(Between Cripple Creek and Victor)

Mountains & Beat-up Truck in Teller County...

Now I'd say this is vintage Teller County. A beautiful mountainscape (the south slope of Pikes Peak) and an old piece of crap truck.
< You should see my friend Don's place near Florissant. He's got all sorts of junk and crap in his backyard.
Just beautiful!
One more shot of that beat-up old truck as they drove by! :)

A Snowstorm near Divide! A WHITE EASTER!

On Route 67 while approaching Divide, there was a nasty snowstorm!
It was snowing really hard! Yeeeeesh!
So we pulled over on the side of the road to watch the snow and take pictures.
A couple of nifty shots of Eva in the snow! :)
And then the snow was flying into the car! Can you see the snowflakes? ;)

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