Eating pictures at a Christmas party
Pictures of PEOPLE EATING at a Christmas Party! Ha ha ha ha!
December 2001
Ex-Hair Consultant Donna Ward Hey everyone. Tonight I went to a Christmas party at the Ward residence. It was a fun evening and I got pictures of people as they were eating! That's Donna. :)
Chris eats a pepperoni slice What a great shot of Chris eating a pepperoni slice! Now this is not the Chris who fixed my computer mouse, but it's the Chris who is in the Thanksgiving adventure.
Amber Ward Amber was eating her candy in this one.
Paul Ward eats pepperoni himself! Ha ha ha ha! Don't you love these pictures? :)
Wendy It looks like Wendy is eating a carrot stick.
Alan That's Alan. He owns a local shop in Manitou Springs. Doesn't he look really intense as he chomps down on whatever is in his hand?
Amber and her shrimp Look what Amber did with her shrimp! HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Chocolate! I ate a lot myself, including some chocolate.
amber drinks soda Okay, Amber is not necessarily eating in this one, but she is drinking soda.

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