February Collection of Pictures, February 2002
February Collection of Pictures, February 2002
Cute Baby Alethea No, not every picture of Alethea has got to be a happy one! :)
Steve's toes and orange blinds So it's becoming really common for me to have all sorts of good pictures that don't quite fit in an adventure. By the way, my toe nail is doing much better, thank you!
Somebody you DON'T know! HA HA HA! A picture from Fall 2000. Do you know who that is? Oh I wish I could tell, but I gave my word I wouldn't. And don't guess, because I won't acknowledge if you're correct or incorrect! :)
Snowy Road Snowy road in Weld County, northern Colorado.
Spanish Peaks Took this shot on my way back from Kansas awhile back. What makes this picture significant is just how far away those mountains are. The Spanish Peaks are about 150 miles away, near Trinidad, Colorado!
Queens Canyon Waterfall in Queens Canyon, Colorado Springs.
Me At a rare loss for words. :)
Missy and Fluff Missy posted this picture on the Friendship Board awhile back. She really loves her cat! :)
Cute Haley Cute Haley, one of the kids who made all those funny faces!
Bad Teenagers Remember those bad teenagers last month? Look at what they wrote in the snow of their car - and then they e-mailed that to me! :(
America Bless God This is what I wrote on my dirty car last week. :)

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