The 2003 ColoradoGuy Festival in Manitou Springs!
(Sappy-Looking Pictures of All The Participants!)

May 24-26, 2003

Below is a pictorial of all the participants in the festival, and I want to give my heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out to have some fun and celebrate this rockin' web site. YOU PEOPLE ROCK THE HOUSE! :D

Look out for next year on Memorial weekend, when I'll certainly be hosting another "convention" of sorts.

Oh! Special kudos to Alyson in Texas, who won the award of coming the longest distance to attend the festival. She didn't know a soul out here (except for her interaction with others on the message boards) and slept on my green couch for the weekend! What a brave woman! ;)

Now to all you regulars who didn't make it, you missed out big time! You better show up next year! ;)

Okay, enjoy the pictures below! Love, Steve :)

Other ColoradoGuy Festival adventures:
  • Pikes Peak Highway, Yellow-Bellied Marmots and Red Mountain Hike

  • The Lovable Participants of the CG Festival!

    Pikes Peak Denise holds up a yummy breakfast plate at Spice of Life Cafe. Special thanks to Denise for driving us up Pikes Peak Highway!
    Alyson was so excited to see some "stars" of the web site, and couldn't resist getting pictures with Boki and Ex-Hair Consultant "JohnBoy" Fields.
    Toteco showed up! I love this picture! :)
    LEFT: Toteco and Alyson at the Dulcimer Shop
    RIGHT: Alyson bought two musical frogs with Bud Ford Jr. making the sale! :)
    LEFT: Pony66 attended the festival, but noticably absent in the left picture was Idaho Girl, a girl who has a crush on him and said she was going attend but didn't.
    RIGHT: Alamosa Girl, Alyson and Pikes Peak Denise help Pony66 with his morning crossword puzzle.
    Hair Consultant Alissa, known as Alamosa Girl, plays with my beautiful hair! :P
    Former Manitou Springs Mayor Bud Ford and Alamosa Girl!
    Toteco and Alamosa Girl while at Garden of the Gods.
    Lisa, the chick that I always fight with at my Bible study, showed up!

    Awwwww! What a nice picture! :)
    Phil The Lurker and his wife Cindy at Spice.
    ElfChild was spotted outside the cafe. She's the chick that spilled her mocha on the floor last year.
    Jeff (known as Laughs at Wind), his daughter Ashley and Alyson enjoyed the Red Mountain hike!
    Eva from the Friendship Board!

    A fairly interesting sets of pictures, don't you think? :)

    Shonstir, another regular on the forums!
    Alyson really seemed to enjoy sleeping in my living room! ;)
    Alyson takes a picture of Pikes Peak.
    Me, drinking coffee at Spice.
    Boki made sure he was around for the weekend, but it's obvious that he's not quite comfortable with his celebrity status on this web site. >
    A nice shot of Alyson and I. Awwwwww! :)
    LEFT: Me, carrying on in a hot tub!
    RIGHT: Me and Alyson in the hot tub, with Shonstir's cute kid in a stroller.

    My Telling of "The Story of the Golden Goats Milk!"

    Well folks, maybe one of the biggest things you missed out on was my telling of "The Story of the Golden Goats Milk," which is a traditional story brought down from generation to generation in my family. I can only tell the story to people who are present, and it would violate my code of honor to publish the story on the web site. Not to mention, you've got to get the full effects of the storytelling in person! ;)

    Oh! In the meantime, do a word search with this story as the theme!

    Other Stuff From CG Weekend Festival...

    A cactus patch on the summit of Red Mountain.
    Food at the Donut Mill in Woodland Park.
    This is a zoom-in of Shonstir's burger!

    Ice cream in downtown Colorado Springs. I had what's in the bottom right corner: Chocolate chip cookie dough with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!

    Alrighty, you are very welcome to comment about these ColoradoGuy Festival pictures on my:


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