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The Official 2004 ColoradoGuy Festival Page!

(Links to All Events, Extra Photos and Steve's Reflections from Labor Day Weekend)

September 2004

The ColoradoGuy Festival! It was magical, encouraging, inspiring, super friendly, laughter-ridden ... If you were there at any of the events, you know what a special weekend it was!

So where do I start? Let's begin with the out-of-state and international visitors who undoubtedly gave the weekend a special flair. Nick from England was probably the biggest headliner, in which much of his airfare was paid for by numerous ColoradoGuy visitors on the forums who donated money. Kansas Kelly and Bernie (my best friend from New Jersey) committed to coming shortly after, which added to the excitement. And then, as if we needed even more jubilation, we learned Sarah (known as The Village Idiot) and her mother and brother were driving all day from Idaho to attend the weekend of festivities.

I'll concede right here: There's no way I could use words to describe just how enjoyable the weekend was. It was such a memorable time, filled with fellowship, laughter and encouragement! Below are some "extra photos" of my times with Nick, Kelly and Bernie, all of whom stayed and slept in my living room. Also, directly below are all of the links to specific events from the festival.

EVENTS: Steve's Kitchen Sink, Roadtrip to Aspen, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Afternoon & Evening, Nick's Extreme Ironing Feat, Sunday BBQ, Denver Botanic Gardens

To everyone who helped make this weekend as wonderful as it was (and there are many), from the bottom of my heart, I love you! Love, Steve :)

Kansas Kelly and Steve Pick Up Nick at Denver Airport
Nick at the Denver Airport.
(Left) In the parking lot.
(Right) Check out the English hat Nick gave me as a gift! ;)

Bernie Arrives; Drive Up Pikes Peak Highway
The next day ... Bernie arrived!
And soon after, we took a trip up the Pikes Peak Highway.
As ColoradoGuy, I want to publicly state that I realize hiking 14ers is obviously much more preferrable than driving up them.
Nice shots with Nick and Kelly!
Click here to see Nick's extreme ironing adventure!
All four of us! :)
We hung around until the sunset. Here's my best shot, looking west towards Wilkerson Pass, South Park and the Buffalo Peak range.

Garden of the Gods (Two Visits: Thursday 9/2 & Sunday 9/5)

Some spiffy-looking shots at Garden of the Gods.
Nice shot!

Other Garden of the Gods stuff:
  • Honda CRX hits 200,000 miles in Garden of the Gods
  • Rampart Range Road
  • Girl Grossed Out By Messy Car

  • Two great shots of Nick and Kelly. In the bottom photo, I freaked out after reading the sign! :(
    What a great shot!

    American Food Nick Ate
    Nick, being British, was overwhelmed with the large portions of food he was served at American restaurants. These two photos were at Applebee's. I had a tasty chicken sandwich ... YUM!
    Nick again was taken aback by the food at the Homestead Restaurant (sponsor of this web site) in Florence! The other food picture is what I ordered ... It was so good! Phil (not to be confused with Hair Consultant Phil) & Cindy are with Nick in the bottom photo.
    I took Nick to Chipotle, which he seemed to like! :)

    Two Photos That Don't Fit Anywhere! :)
    Ex-Hair Consultant candidate, Bible Study Leader and Walmart Boycotter Chris Morton and Nick.
    Nick at the Cave of the Winds lookout in Manitou Springs.

    Nick and Steve at Bishop Castle (Labor Day)
    Bishop Castle ... How could I not take him there? :)
    Oooooooh! I just love that dragon!

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