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Leftover Pictures From The 2004 COLORADOGUY FESTIVAL!
Complied In Late February 2005
Here are some extra photos that didn't quite make it in a pictorial from last year's ColoradoGuy Festival!

Kansas Kelly and Nick from the roadtrip to Aspen.
Nick waves good-bye on the day I drove him back to the airport.

At the Denver Botanic Gardens, I did my best to imitate the statue! :)
Another nice shot of Tote holding one of her pet chickens at the barbeque.
Bernie, Lars, TVI's younger brother and Tote.
Littlehands holds a cardboard statue of MareP! :)
Kansas Kelly (who coincidentally, is running for Hair Consultant) helped get a knot out of my hair at the barbeque.
Bernie looks down his shirt as Anne (known as Little Blue Fish on the forums) looks on.
A blurry late night shot of Kansas Kelly driving Bernie to the airport.

Nick at the Siamese Twins at Garden of the Gods, with Pikes Peak in the background. Bernie sticks his head out from one of those gnarly-looking trees.
A cute shot of Sarah (known as The Village Idiot on the forums) with a blanket on the Pikes Peak Highway.
A nice shot of the gang on the Pikes Peak Highway!
Folks, you really need to come out for the 2005 ColoradoGuy Festival ... It's going to be a blast! :)
Nick has a befuddled look at the Manitou Arcade on the Satruday Afternoon of the Festival.
That's Jim Bishop, the American hero and creator of Bishop Castle. Nick and I visited on Sunday.
LEFT: Bernie lays his head on a rock at the Pikes Peak summit.
RIGHT: One token picture of me. :)

Alrighty people, feel free to share your thoughts and/or reactions to any of these photos on my:


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