ColoradoGuy hangs out in Fort Collins, Colorado
Night Out in FORT COLLINS, Colorado - February 2002
Fort Collins, Colorado sign Hi folks. I hung out in Fort Collins on Tuesday evening ... La la la la!
Fort Collins Sculpture in City Square My friend Mike and I agreed to meet the "city square" where I got a fantastic shot of this geese sculpture with a sunset backdrop!
Another Sign Fort Collins is a college town, home of Colorado State University. So there are plenty of bicyclers and skateboarders...
Fort Collins skateboarder! ...In fact, as I was in the square, I got a great shot of this skateboarder in the air! :P
Mike and his puppet Okay, so that's Mike, and the first thing we did was visit a nearby puppet store. Check out that funky Chinese dragon puppet!
Gorilla puppet with Steve I got a kick out of playing with this hairy gorilla puppet! :)
Blue Note Cafe Then we hung out at a coffee shop called the Blue Note. They even had a pool table in there.
Art And check out this amazing piece of art at the cafe. It's a cat made out of wire!

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