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FREMONT PASS! Winter Colorado Pictures From Copper Mountain To Leadville (January 28, 2006)
Colorado Driving eastbound and downhill from Vail Pass and heading towards the Copper Mountain Ski Resort exit, I thought this would be the best place to start my Fremont Pass pictorial!
Copper Mountain I know the sign is crooked, but I think it looks cool! ;)
Copper Mountain Ski Resort The pesky sun in the background gave me all sorts of problems, but there's a shot of the Copper Mountain Ski Resort that I took on the shoulder of Interstate 70.
Copper Mountain Ski Resort
Colorado Guy
Before we headed up Highway 91 to Fremont Pass, I took a couple of shots of the entrance to Copper Mountain and the Ten Mile Range (above - Breckenridge is on the other side of that range) and myself standing on a huge snowdrift.
Rocky Mountains
Colorado Mountains
Heading up the pass towards Leadville and Lake County, we stopped at the Mayflower Creek trailhead parking lot. Looking back across the street, notice the flabby-looking snow drifts on that mountain (above). The beautiful jagged mountain (middle) is Fletcher Mountain (alt. 13,951 feet), and I snuck a shot of my buddy Scott as he took a photo. ;)
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    Just up the road is another stunning view of the mountains at Clinton Gulch Reservoir.
    Snowy Mountains At the summit, I snapped a shot a picture of Mt. Arkansas (alt. 13,795 feet). By the way, the snow drifts were so high that the official Fremont Pass sign was buried!
    Climax Mine Across the highway, a shot of a mining operation that is currently in operation.
    Mt. Democrat Colorado And look, it's Mt. Democrat (alt. 14,148 feet) from the "back side"! :) Want proof? In the right photo (dated July 2004), that's the view of Highway 91 at the Mt. Democrat summit. I took the left photo on the highway somewhere uphill of the "U" on the right hand side.
    It was all downhill after reaching the pass!

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