Friday Night Dinner Pictures
Really STRANGE Pictures from Friday Night's Dinner! - March 2002
Chicken on the Grill Alright, so I was invited over for dinner by Erica and her family. What a great shot of the chicken on the grill! :)
Semi-normal picture The pictures get more strange as you go on ... trust me.
Steve's plate of food That's my plate: a delicious stir fry with vegetables on white rice!
Erica picking her nose That's Erica picking her nose in front of everyone at the table. How disgusting!
Korinne blasts Governor Ventura Uhhhhhh that's Korinne, Erica's mama. She is visiting from Minnesota and after I merely mentioned Governor Ventura's name, Korinne went on and on about how she doesn't like him! I usually tell people that I don't want to hear it and to post their opinions on the Political Forum, but it didn't work this time. :(
Erica's Papa That's Erica Dad. Good grief! Here's some more eating photos if you like.
Strange indeed! That's Kaia, Erica's sister. I told you they got stranger!
Angry Husband That's Kaia's husband, and he was kind of angry that I was taking pictures of his wife. :(
Oreo Cookies Things got a little wild when we brought out the Oreo cookies!
Bad Picture of Erica Oh my! That's just plain wrong!
Side shot of Steve's hair I wanted a picture of me eating, but instead got a nice shot of my long, curly hair.
Kaia hides It was a fun night, to say the least...
Steve and Erica last stupid picture to wrap it up!

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