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FUN NIGHT OUT! Sherri And Steve At Punky's In Buena Vista! (January 16, 2006)
Last night my friend Sherri (known as SherriSLC on the forums) was in town and we met up at Punky's Restaurant in Buena Vista. We had a fun time, as you'll see ... :)
Funny Picture Firstly, let me say it was freezing cold last night and I was still shivering when I got inside.
Buena Vista Hall of Fame
Funny Picture
Inside Punky's is the Buena Vista Hall of Fame that covers much of two of the walls. In the bottom left, check out the guy's basketball that's on fire, and not the women's basketball team won the state championship in 2005! :)

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  • There's a nice shot of Sherri. She ordered a hot chocolate. :p)
    Funny Picture So we waited and waited and waited ... and then this gentleman delivered me my bacon cheeseburger with fries. Yum!
    Bacon Cheeseburger Eating Picture Oh my goodness!
    Look at that beautiful burger!
    Coffee Picture I also took a picture of my hot decaf coffee.

    By the way, have you visited my web site yet? :)
    One last fun picture. Sherri was wearing a bright red coat, and notice how her red coat matched with the red and white colors of the place. Neat, huh? ;)

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