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Mark And Jim Visit Garden Of The Gods! (Colorado Springs - June 2002)
Mark Garufi That's my younger brother Mark and he was kind of freaking out as he crawled under these two large rocks.
Jim Richmond That's Jim, a guy from New Jersey who is visiting with my brother.
Garden of the Gods Mark seemed taken aback by this rock structure.
Garden of the Gods Great shot! Friends, if you visiting Colorado Springs, you really need to visit this place.
Garden of the Gods Mark looks really small amidst these huge rocks...
Mark Garufi ...but then I zoomed-in on him as much as I could. Mark, why didn't you smile? :p)
Jim Richmond By the way, Jim is the same guy that recently offered me free quarters to practice on the Ms. Pac Man game!
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  • Garden of the Gods Jim reads a sign like a good tourist. ;)
    Mark Garufi Mark was having a good time on those rocks.
    Garden of the Gods We definitely had lots of fun! :)

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