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Well, since I showed you some bad pictures from my shoebox, here's some good ones! Love, Steve :)
GOOD PICTURES in Steve's Large Shoebox of Pictures - (Scanned November 2001)
Talitha Gulla That's Adam and Sauna with me in the middle. While at His Mansion, both Adam and Sauna dressed up as "Steve Garufi" at a costume party. I went as Route 149 and won first prize for best costume. :) (1995)
Sasha and Alex in Vladivostok That's me and my friend Jake, posing in front of my Honda CRX. Jake was a member of Horizons 16! :) (1999)
Dave Spinelli and I That's Bernie, who was my #1 support when I did my kayaking trip on the Passaic River.
Beth Israel Messianic Congregation That's Beth in Michigan, who sent me a picture of her kissing a cactus! :)
Chase Gulla That's Mary Horn, who taught me how to drive a tractor while visiting the Horn Family Farm in central Wisconsin. (Summer 1998)
Sasha and Alex in Vladivostok Another costume night. That's me and Jim Lee, both dressed up as hill-billies. :) (His Mansion 1997)
Dave Spinelli and I That's a picture of my adult baptism at Deering Lake in New Hampshire. (Summer 1995)
Beth Israel Messianic Congregation Check out this black & white shot! That's me dribbling past Dean Brannen in the air with Dan Giers and Brian Schwarzkopf under the basket. (His Mansion 1997)

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