Hi guys. Here's a pictorial from last year when I visited my Grandmother's house in New York City.
My Grandma's House in the Bronx, New York - November 2000
That's my Grandma who's lived her whole life in the Bronx. What a sweetie! Grandma is on the list for the top ten most influential people in my life.
I've got so many great memories playing outside the house with my brothers.
Oh! The subway train goes by over Westchester Avenue I'd say every seven minutes or so. The consistent rumbling from the New York subway system gives the home some character for sure.
Oh, we would always play around the stairs. Mark would slide down the stairs really fast. I have no idea how his butt endured it!
That's the clock in the kitchen. I remember moving the hands behind when I wanted to stay up late and not go to bed. :) :) :)
There's a really thin alley between Grandma's house and the one next door.
We'd run around the basement as well, although it always seemed kind of spooky down there. :D
I snapped this photo of some apartment buildings while in the passenger seat as we cruised along the Cross-Bronx Expressway (I-95).
What a nice picture. I love you, Grandma!

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