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HIGH RISE COFFEE - Photos Inside A Coffee Roastery (Colorado Springs, CO)
January 8, 2005
High Rise Coffee Roasters High Rise Coffee! This is a premier wholesale and retail coffee roastery and store.
How to get there: The address is 2421 W. Cucharras, which is one block south of Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City. Also, their web address is
John greeted me and proudly stood by a retail counter of coffee beans.
Uganda Bugisu Coffee I tried the complimentary coffee of the day, a blend from Uganda ...
Steve ... and let me tell you, it was heaven to my taste buds!
Andrew Then Andrew took me in the back to show me how he roasts their coffee beans.

Sacks of Coffee Beans
First of all, notice how small the beans are compared to the average roasted brown coffee bean. The beans are smaller and expand during the heating process.

Those large sacks of raw coffee beans are really, really, really heavy. I tried to carry one and it was quite a doozy! :-{p

Coffee Roasting Machine Coffee Roasting Machine Now here is the actual roasting machine, which looks a bit like a locomotive train in my opinion. :)
Coffee Roasting Machine The beans go inside the large funnel.
The beans are roasted at nearly 400 degrees. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the beans (left) started to turn orange, and by the end, they (right) were dark brown!
High Rise Coffee Roasters Then, Andrew dropped all of the beans into a round tray that cools the beans. Look at them spilling out! ;)
Coffee Beans Cool air from the bottom and a rotating sifter helps cool off the beans.
Then the beans are poured into a bucket and will soon be ready to be packaged.
Andrew Ta da! Andrew shows off the final product!
Now High Rise Coffee does quite a bit of wholesale sales, but they also do retail, including a bunch of teas and high quality coffees in the front area.
A Colombian coffee bag.
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  • Coffee Gifts Look at the gifts Andrew generously gave me!
    I got: Two bags of coffee (Timor Aifu and Mexican Oaxacan), two bags of tea (Dragonwell green tea and Rooibos herbal blend), two syrups (raspberry and hazlenut) and a French press coffee maker. Thank you Andrew! :)
    Dart Board Andrew challenged me to a game of darts after the tour. It was not pretty for Andrew! After hitting the triple 13, it was all over in 401. Just look at the lopsided victory on the scoreboard! It kind of reminded me of the two times I won big at Scrabble Scrabble and got the high score on Ms. Pac Man. ;)