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Local Manitou Man Gives Free Jars of Honey!
December 2001
Free Jar of Honey So I walked into Spice of Life Café this morning and was given a free jar of honey as a Christmas gift from Rick Laurenzi, a local guy in Manitou Springs. ISN'T THAT AWESOME???
Open Space in Manitou Springs Advocate There he is! Rick is a hero in Manitou Springs. He is a passionate, well-informed and very committed advocate for preserving open space in our community. (Gulp! He might not like the publicity.) :)
CU Buffaloes are the Big 12 champions! And then I ran into Boki, who was very happy about the CU Buffaloes victory over Texas. COLORADO BUFFALOES - BIG 12 CHAMPIONS!
Boki Takes off his shoes and socks Then we got to talking and he told me about his ailing foot. He even took off his shoes and socks to show me.
Picture of Boki's Foot I think he said he had some kind of torn ligament in his foot. This picture reminds me of the article about my toe nail, doesn't it? :)
Boki portrait Alright, one more portrait of Boki. I really like that hat. By the way, check out the photography studio he and his partner, Matt, runs.
Sherri That's Sherri, who works there. We've been through a lot this year. During the summer, we were not getting along and even got into a nasty passive-agression battle. This fall we have made up. She even helped me when I was writing my Christmas cards in October.

ONE THOUGHT: Doesn't Sherri look like one of the models on The Price Is Right?

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