Buena Vista, Colorado
SNOWSTORM AT HOOSIER PASS! Snow At The Continental Divide (March 26, 2006)
Hoosier Pass What an afternoon! I needed to go for a drive to clear my head, and wound up arriving at the Hoosier Pass summit this afternoon. As no surprise to this time of year, it was snowing pretty hard!
Hoosier Pass I didn't have any hiking gear for wandering around some of the trails for snowshoeing, so I mainly took pictures of signs and the road. ;)
Summit County, Colorado This is looking towards the Summit County (towards Breckenridge) side of Hoosier Pass. This is definitely a stark contrast to when I visited Hoosier Pass in September 2005!
Hoosier Pass Um, if there was a lot more visibility, you would have been able to see Mt. Bross and Mt. Lincoln in the background, two of Colorado's 14ers in the area.
Colorado On the edge of one of the trails, a hiker with his dog.
Here's the thing: I actually had a date with a girl in Denver, where we were planning to meet in Breckenridge. Well, the weather was pretty bad and so she didn't want to do the drive - understandable! Ah, but I still was in the mood to head to Breckenridge to do some photography. However, in view of the conditions I turned around at the summit because of the road conditions.
Hoosier Pass Looking towards the Park County side.
Summit County, Colorado I wanted to get one more photo of the Summit County sign practically buried in snow! ;)
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