Cottonwood Pass
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INDEPENDENCE PASS, COLORADO! Pictures Of Colorado's "Premier" Continental Divide Region
(September 2004)

Independence Pass, Colorado Independence Pass! If you have driven over it, surely you have memories or a story to tell!

In September 2004 during the ColoradoGuy Festival, I used my Colorado "clout" to convince Kansas Kelly, Bernie and Nick (all visiting from out of town), to take the scenic drive up and over Independence Pass to the snazzy ski town of Aspen, Colorado.

Although I created a larger pictorial of much of the round trip from Manitou Springs to Aspen, this morning I was going through old picture files and realized I had quite a few extra scenic photos that would give one a general idea of the amazing scenery at Independence Pass.

Word of caution to newcomers: Independence Pass is closed during for much of the year besides the summer! Living in Buena Vista, on the east side of Independence Pass, I can tell you of the stories I have heard of novices attempting to reach Aspen from Twin Lakes via Independence Pass, only to get stuck in the snow way up in the high country and incurring massive towing and rescue bills to get them out. Cottonwood Pass, which I consider *my* sentimental Continental Divide pass, is also closed except in the summer and early fall.

Anyway, enjoy these photos. If you're in the mood to enjoy a scenic Colorado drive in the summer time, Independence Pass from Twin Lakes to Aspen would definitely be a worthwhile experience!

Independence Pass I do want to give special thanks to my three amazing friends, Bernie, Kansas Kelly and Nick, for making it a really great day in September 2004.
Colorado At the Independence Pass summit, there is a trail that leads south to quite a few alluring mountains above timberline.
Independence Pass Much of the most stunning Colorado views are towards the east, the Twin Lakes side.
Independence Pass It became fairly cloudy on the summit, and here is Kansas Kelly smiling for the camera.
Colorado On the Twin Lakes side, the trailhead to La Plata Peak is inside the canyon, and there are many beautiful areas of large aspen groves along the road.
Independence Pass On the Aspen, Colorado side, the road is much narrower and seen by this photo!
Independence Pass Here's one older photo of a switchback from a previous visit.
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