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INDOOR GARDENING! Steve Visits "The Grow Store" (Photos of Indoor Garden Items) - August 30, 2005
The Grow Store The Grow Store in Colorado Springs! If you're a savy gardener or interested in learning about indoor gardening, this is the place to go! It's located behind the Wendy's at Garden of the Gods Road & Chestnut.
Young Cucumber
They've got vegetable plants growing in their own indoor garden. A huge and powerful 1000 watt light bulb provides an orange-shaded light for these tomato plants, banana plant (bottom left) and standing cucumber plant (in forefront).

Bottom Photo: I had my camera a facing straight up at the lamp.
Doug Schmick That's Doug, the owner of The Grow Store and indoor gardening guru. This guy knew way too much about gardening for his own good! :p) He was showing me some of the 1000 watt bulbs commonly used in indoor gardening. His web site is: The Grow
Indoor Garden
Key Lime Tree
He's got another area with blue and orange fluorescent lights hovering over various plants. The plant in the back left is an orange tree. The one in the back right is a key lime tree. I zoomed in on one key lime happily growing! :)
Now this is interesting: I'm not much of a gardener or plant caretaker, and this seemed like a great idea. You stick this contraption deep into soil of your plant, and when it senses the soil is dry, it automatically pumps water from a nearby container of water. I betcha I would still find a way to kill a house plant even with this thing! :p)
The Grow Store Seeds
Bat Guano
A few more gardening products: "Sods" to grow seeds without soil, organic seeds, and guano fertilizer. Folks...
Guano is bird poop. Yucky!
Dr. P-body
Dr. P-body
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Folks, this is funny. Check out these two posters of Dr. P-Body! :)

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