Click here!Lovely Collection of Pictures, January 2002
Howdy folks. The top six pictures are recent, and the bottom seven are older photos that I really like but their corresponding "adventures" were too lame to post...
Fun and Random Pictures, January 2002
Alethea The very cute and adorable Alethea!
Coffee Cups Another good shot of my coffee cup collection. :)
Dirt road near Mead, Colorado Dirt road north of Mead, Colorado.
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  • Boki Boki holds up a duplicated photo of his cute son!
    Honda CRX picture An extra photo from the Great Sand Dunes.

    Rediscovered Pictures From Bad Adventures, January 2002
    Beautiful Lavender Flowers I took this beautiful picture with Rain, who was serving as my Hair Consultant at the time. (Summer 2000)
    Tan Car in Pueblo West Jeff Taylor and I were driving around near Pueblo West and this car pulled up in front of us with everyone looking at us. So I took a picture of them! GREAT PICTURE! (August 2000)
    Super Bowl Party I was cheering for the New York Giants at this Super Bowl party. Good grief! (January 2001)
    Trinidad, Colorado A brick building in Trinidad, Colorado. (November 2000)
    Fun Toy My younger brother Mark and I went through a lot of our old toys. This was one of our favorites! :) (November 2000)
    Chris and Tanya Chris and Tanya kissing! :P (October 2000)
    Dave Vetter I got really mad that the golf cart we were sitting in at a junkyard was not working. By the way, that's Dave Vetter, the same guy at the Great Sand Dunes and Chipotle.

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