2004 Jeep Wrangler Photos

Photos of Chris DeJong's 2004 Jeep - Our Drive On Rampart Range Road (August 2004)

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2004 Jeep 2004 Jeep
2004 Jeep
Look at that sharp-looking jeep!

My friend Chris took me for a ride in his 2004 Jeep on Rampart Range Road in Colorado Springs.

Chris Dejong Chris, the proud owner of this Jeep Wrangler.
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  • Chris parked his Jeep next to my Honda CRX. Notice how much larger the tires are, and its higher clearance.
    2004 Jeep One photo of the Jeep's rear end.

    Chris and I drove to a popular overlook on Rampart Range Road. It was hazy in the direction of Pikes Peak.
    BuMpEty BuMpEtY BuMp! jEePs RoCk ThE hOuSe! :)
    Chris raised the hood to show the engine. He said almost the entire engine is waterproof with the exception of the one black thing he's pointing to, which takes in air.
    2004 Jeep At one point, I lost my emotional equilibrium like a drama queen, and I ran into the passenger side door. Yes, it hurt! :o)
    2004 Jeep I like this. Jeeps are meant to be dirty!

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